Friday, December 11, 2009

Aerobee technical report

The year was 1997. I was in the 10th grade, or so. Walking into a book store, I make a quick move to the magazine section. (I like the pictures.) After checking the kayak mags, and rock climbing and ice climbing and all the usual, then SOF and gun mags, surf and scuba, I moved to find a radio or coin mag in the hobby area. Then I saw it: A rocketry journal, but with a very large rocket on the front. I had done model rocketry as a kid, but this was something very different: high power rocketry. This journal was the key to my introduction to the hobby. It has now been over 10 years!

It would be great if the whole series of journals were online, but for now we have to settle with one single very nice article about the Aerobee series of rockets from this same magazine. The first link is the news story talking about this, the next is the direct link to the PDF file. It is fairly large.

Rocketry Planet
PDF document

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