Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1954 The Earth from space

"This is a photomosaic of the first natural color images of the Earth sucessfully taken from a high-altitude rocket. It image shows a large swathe of land to the south and east of the launch site and a tropical cyclone is visible over Del Rio, Texas. This image is also the first ever taken from a sufficient altitude to show the large scale structure of a storm and hints at the promise of meteorological satellites. The rocket was a US Navy sounding rocket launched at 1815 GMT on October 5, 1954 from White Sands, New Mexico and it was at an altitude of about 100 miles when this image was captured."

It took about 90 images to create this mosaic from space. Rockets should carry cameras. Particularly high altitude projects. Yet they generally do not.

NOAA Paper on weather observations from space

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