Sunday, October 25, 2009

Simulation of small rockoon launch to orbit

This is a simulation of a very small rockoon launching a tiny payload into orbit. This is interesting because it show how, under ideal conditions, it only takes about O impulse (according to the person posting this in the forum) to get a pico-sat. into orbit. Granted nothing like this may ever be launched, since real life never seems to be as good as simulations, but it does lend a great deal of credibility to N prize inspired attempts based on the NOTS and project farside rockets.


Anonymous said...

is there a page to support this simulation? It looks like this rocket is launched from a balloon at about 92,000 feet and has approximately 5 stages that get it just shy of orbital speed creating a long parabolic arc and plunge back to earth. I think like you that a rockoon is the best choice for a amateur satellite launch and love reading any research or simulations.

R2K said...

This is from a rocketry planet thread: