Sunday, June 14, 2009

ss-25 "Topol"

Single 550 KT warhead.


*Most recent Google searches to this web page:

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high power model rocket photos
high power rocketry
high power rocket motors

3420 mph rocket how many g force (I love this one! If you read this, please tell us what you were working on.)
high altitude amateur rocket

Some great rocketry research going on out there!


Anonymous said...

Spies Like Us. GLG-20's and the like.

R2K said...

Haha so 80s.

Michael de`Oz said...

Christmas Soviet card :)

Chrisn said...

I came here from Google with "high altitude amateur rocket" more than once I think

Chrisn said...

Also, CSXTs go fast rocket maxed at 3420mph

R2K said...

Yeah I bet they were looking up that rocket, but interesting way to search for it!