Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can you indentify this rocket?

Source: White Sands Missile Range Museum

Can you help identify this rocket? It is an Air Force rocket that was flown as the White Sands Missile Range. To date, I have not been able to find out what it is. And I do not think that anyone else knows. If you can help, please place a comment. Even wild speculation and guesses would be OK, because it is so quiet and somewhat boring around here!

Here is a link suggested by Dick, showing that the scale experts are also wondering about this.

"The picture at right is an unidentified prototype flown from White Sands Missile Range. It vaguely resembles General Electric's Hermes A-3B from 1954. If you know the identity of this rocket, please post to the group or contact the moderator directly."


Dick said...

Since this question is still posed on the cover page of the ScaleRoc yahoo group, I assume nobody in the known universe knows the answer.

R2K said...

Thanks for the info, I have edited the post. One person suggested it looks like the Hermes, but is that really true? Even the XSSMA16 looks pretty much like a V2...

In any event, the Hermes project is fascinating to say the least.