Friday, November 7, 2008

NY Rocketry Field

This is the field that I attend when flying in New York. This is located about 90 minutes north west of the city, in the Hudson valley west of Bear Mt. Note that these images just show 1/4th of the farm. A perfect place for rocketry. Probably on the order of 1000+ Acres.


Byxura The Great said...


Cindy said...

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Beautiful pictures.

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thimscool said...

NY is a flat out awesome state. I miss it much.

The hudson valley is like heaven when the leaves change. Great hiking.

NC is pretty cool too, tho. I'm happy here.

Brian said...

NY is a very nice HP field, as long as you don't snag a tree, land in corn or onion fields. Or in your case, land in a stream. The nice thing with metra, is that have the tools, A long pol, to remove your rocket from the tree.

Was just down at MDRA for red glare, and they to have a nice field. large field with limited tree. It also seems to be primary a soy bean fields, so the crop is low unlike corn .

High Power Rocketry said...

Metra is the best!