Sunday, October 5, 2008

Launch Report: 10-04

Again I apologize for the lack of images, I generally do not have the time or desire to take pictures during a launch because I am busy flying and enjoying flights! But rest assured, as soon as images and videos are posted to the web page of the local club, I will bring them here.

The launch this weekend was nearly perfect: weather was pretty warm, the sky was mostly clear, and the wind was low (but not quite as low as last time). As usual, many large rockets were present (this club is mostly a high power club), and two M motors were flown along with many K motors. Two large Skidmark motors were in this group, and they were as always the stars of the show. Very few flight failures occured, but the one level three attempt (the first of two Ms) did indeed fail because of a minor recovery mistake, and damage (I think) to the booster. The biggest failure was a ballistic recovery of a large rocket. It fell about 1000 feet behind the range (in horizon zero of the farm), and made a terrible crash sound.

I took my Graduator as a "large rocket" (boy how times have changed), along with the super nova payloader, and some small kits. The graduator flew on a F40T and G71R. The G71 was my first red flame motor, and it was indeed very nice. But the rocket ejection charge was weak (or early), and the parachute did not deploy. The rocket came in very hard with the body tube sticking into the ground. I had assumed that it was never going to fly again, but somehow the damage was very minor.

The SNP flew on a typically nice F12J, and cracked a fin on landing but that also will be easy to fix. Two 24mm art applewhite kits (the orange one and the hourglass one) flew on D motors. Both had strange, unstable flights. Both recovered just fine. Finally, the tiny 13mm paper rocket flew on an 1/2A3! It did very well, but the small parachute did not open: it needs to be modified.

All told, a great launch. Hopefully images to come. Previous launch reports will be updated as well with images.

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Dick said...

Sorry about the Graduator. I've flown lots of the AT RMS and interestingly enough, the G71 is the one motor on which I've experienced a 'non-ejection event'

I've had a few that didn't fully deploy but there was no sign of ejection during this flight. The post-mortem showed it did fire however.