Saturday, September 6, 2008

Upcoming Launch

I will be attending a METRA (New York State Tripoli club) launch next weekend if weather holds out. A launch report will come soon after. The plan is to fly some of the larger motors mostly, as this will be a high power launch (the last one was a mid power notification launch). The 29mm reload case will be put to good use. Some 24mm motors will be used also, however, because I have a ton of them. So the plan is a bunch of F motors! F motors are really the sweet spot of mid power.

Check out this N motor video:


Brian said...

I relay like the content of this blog, great video and pic of cool rockets.

I'm also heading up to Metra this weekend (don't know what day yet). but like you said this is high power lunch site, and this blog "High Power Rocketry " why are you fling F's? I know HPR can become expensive, but lets poke some holes in the sky

DTH Rocket said...

I actually have never flown an F motor. I skipped from E to G motors. I should get an F reload sometime, just for the heck of it.

I love that video! I think it's saved as one of my favorites on YouTube.