Saturday, September 27, 2008

Small motor order

I just got a small set of RMS motor loads for my 29 and 24mm hardware. They are two G motors, one E, and 3 D motors. This order was placed at Hobby Linc; probably the cheapest source for small motors there is. I have a limited budget here, but I was seriously considering buying several G motors and just stocking up. They were only $8.69 each! One is a Redline (red flame) motor, and the other is an old school White Lighting item. The E16 (29mm) motor was also a great deal: only $5.79. It is just at the lower limit of what is needed for the Graduator. The D15 (24mm) has to be one of my favorite motors. A nice cute little thing that still has substantial power.

The next launch is next week!


Anonymous said...

the 24 and 29 reloads are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I fly these more than anything these days.The 24mm F12 reload is a blast in an Art Applewhite 24mm saucer.

Brian said...

What launch are you going to next week?

R2K said...

I love those F12s... but even more, I love the E11! I have something for the smallest AP motors. They are just great. I mean the power of an estes D motor in something the size of 10 stacked nickles!