Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jason W.'s web page full of science

Jason W.

Lots of great stuff in there, science ideas and experiments. The latest project that got my attention was aerogel work. This above specimen is a huge amount of aerogel. Please check out his work on this new brilliant material. Expect to find it in more and more places in the near future. Inside windows, helmets, and yes rockets.

I have found a few web pages made by people who I would call inventors. I want to post one more soon, but I am holding out until some patent issues are finished based on ideas from his page. Once that is ready, I want to introduce to the world, via this page, some ideas we have been working on.


thimscool said...


R2K said...

Yeah the collective.

DTH Rocket said...

When I Google "high-power rocket" your blog is the second search result.

R2K said...

Nice not bad eh?


Dave Beck said...

Aerogel is awesome stuff. I wish my house was insulated with it-my heating and cooling bills would be almost nonexistent.

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