Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jason W.'s web page full of science

Jason W.

Lots of great stuff in there, science ideas and experiments. The latest project that got my attention was aerogel work. This above specimen is a huge amount of aerogel. Please check out his work on this new brilliant material. Expect to find it in more and more places in the near future. Inside windows, helmets, and yes rockets.

I have found a few web pages made by people who I would call inventors. I want to post one more soon, but I am holding out until some patent issues are finished based on ideas from his page. Once that is ready, I want to introduce to the world, via this page, some ideas we have been working on.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The kits have arrived!

The Art Applewhite kits have arrived. As you have seen, I already prepared some of the free kits to build as well. Granted most of these items are in the 13 - 24mm range, but once these kits are complete, I will have more than doubled my fleet. There has been a dead period recently where I have not done much work or all that much flying either. These kits should be lots of fun to build.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Art Applewhite Rockets

Art's kits are lots of fun to make and fly - but one of the best parts is that he offers the whole spectrum of the lowest power kits (13mm and smaller) for free. Above you can see a bunch of kits that I printed out on cardstock paper (a few cents a page). You print them out, cut them out, glue them, and fly them! Free is such a great thing to say about a rocket in an industry that has, lets face it, only gotten more expensive. The first kit I chose was a 13mm cone kit. This is a sad example of what it should look like, but hey it was my first time and was just practice! (It still can fly, however.) Here is the direct link to the free kits: