Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Recent rocketry order

This order has a new 29: 40-120 case, three loads for this case, extra igniters for these motors, a Big Daddy kit, some glue and some wadding. This cost a fair amount of money, but I had hoped to have all these things for the upcoming launch in about 2 weeks. The motors are all Fs: F52-5T, F22-4J, and F40-7W. The F52 should be used in my High Tech H-45 kit, due to the shorter delay on a faster motor (and I want to get this bigger rocket flying again). The other two motors must go on the "heavy" graduator: the F22 is a bit on the low thrust side anyway (again I risk a low altitude but hopefully dramatic flight), and the F40-7 delay time is a bit on the long side for anything but the Graduator.

If I can get the Big Daddy (24mm stubby Estes kit) going in time, it will fly on some of the 24mm motors, or even spare D motors. I am concerned that I wont be able to paint it in time, but it can fly white for a while if I need to. In addition to building it, I will have to prepare the other kits for the next launch as well. Those launch lugs still need to be sanded out, and a paint touch-up might be in order.

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W.Hill said...

I love to fly the F22 in my Art Applwhite Saucer. The long burn and black smoke make for a spectacular saucer flight.