Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big daddy

The kit is basically finished, this time far lighter than my first Big Daddy from the late 90s. That kit would constantly break the balsa fins (rockets this fat should use plywood or fiberglass I think), so my strategy was more and more epoxy. But that means more weight (limiting the motors you can use) and actually more fin damage from hard landings. I think going as light as possible might be the best method. This kit is stock weight, then, but will use nylon parachutes and a slightly thicker and longer shock cord than the one included in the kit. Motors from D12 to F39s will fly in this kit.

Small touches of epoxy and paint will come next.

Here is a link to some of the rockets I want to buy next:

Applewhite Rockets

I want to buy some cone and hourglass kits, and eventually maybe some monocopters or "helix" kits.

The next launch is about 3 weeks away.


DTH Rocket said...

To make the fins stronger you could give them paper skins. It's amazing how much stronger they are when you do that.

thimscool said...

Cool. How high do you think she'll go?

R2K said...

This guy will stay pretty low, due to the short and fat shape of the thing. Could do around 2000 feet on a big motor, will generally stay under 1000 feet on the motors I will use.