Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rocket launch in Iran

This appears to be a rocket launched in Iran as part of their attempts to place a warhe... I mean satellite into orbit. There are very many moderate people in Iran, and probably many scientists with great ideas and goals, and motivations... but much like in our country, the crazy ignorant conservative religious nuts tend to stand out and steal the lime-light. Best of luck to them. Btw placing an object in orbit means they could deliver a nuclear bomb to any part of the planet. Something to think about.


Anonymous said...

the iranian attempts aat launching an orbit don't seem to show any advancement in a rocket program whatsoever. getting ahold of how to build and launch a liquid rocket is not that difficult only scale and size bring problems. I think the question is what fuel might they use and where will they get it. secondly what might the iranians use for a guidance system? ballastic trajectories are not the same as orbiting, and neither are as easy a launching. In conclusion, would anyone truly as needy for war or as stupid for a final showdown involving multiple world powers as to instigate a conflict using an orbital projectile. somewhere in the idiot minds of extremist lies dictators with controlling mentalities ending their own life is rarely that type of a persons ajenda.

doug said...

It's the liberals in this country anyway that want to control thought and use scientific energy for "alternative energy" that won't be around for 50 to 100 years and is just an excuse to conglomerate power federally.

Freedom is something Iran doesn't have, the liberals don't want us to have and rocketeers crave. Most rocket guys aren't moderate in their distaste for the federal government. The one's I know anyway.