Monday, November 5, 2007

"A concept image shows the Ares V Earth departure stage and lunar surface access module docked with the Orion crew exploration vehicle in Earth orbit. The departure stage, powered by a J-2X engine, is needed to escape Earth's gravity and send the crew vehicle and lunar module on their journey to the moon."

Basically, we have spent almost 40 years to get back to the same place. Brilliant work as always from the political NASA.


thimscool said...


Rail guns for the gear, rockets for the people. Assembly crew at Lagrange, rotating base crew on the Moon.

Factory to make solar panels from lunar soil. Solar panels to electrolyze the water, to fuel the rockets for extra-lunar travel, stabilizing the mass base of the Lagrangian rail guns, and fast jumps back down the gravity well.

Shit. It was fucking obvious forty years ago, when they planned all that stuff, but just beyond the budget. What is the point of repeating Apollo?

thimscool said...

Did I say forty? I meant fifty.

Double sigh.

capcom said...

Double ditto! :-(