Monday, July 23, 2007

LDRS 16 Video

Great video of some flights from LDRS - one of the biggest national high power events during the year. If you cant watch all 8:00 of this video, skip to the last 45 sec. to see a pretty great flight: a huge rocket going very high, but also doing something big rockets seldom survive.


thimscool said...

Pretty cool corkscrew.

"Split fins"?

Do folks put gyros in rockets to keep 'em oriented? Perhaps use them for mechanical feedback to the control surfaces?

Or is that too much weight?

R2K said...

Yes some people have done that, using either fins that move or rockets that move and push things around - but that is very technically hard and is almost never done in high power. These rockets here all use fins only to keep them on track. That a rocket that big - several hundred lbs could go around the speed of sound and survive those kinds of moves is pretty impressive.

Jesse said...

I have GOT to get to a LRDS...

Amazing video.