Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Project Courage

The Courage is a very high performance (dart) hybrid N class rocket project by MB Rocketry that can probably break 30,000 feet. Check it out to see the whole building process and other projects.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Gregs Altitude Attempt

--Test flight with small motors--

"The goal of this rocket is to achieve a Canadian altitude record in excess of 10 000 feet under the staged rocket category. There are no previous records in the category. If the goal is met, it will be higher than the Tripoli Rocketry Association record as well. This rocket is designed to fly on an F10-4 booster, a E6-4 second stage and a final E6-8 sustainer engine. The total impulse is 155ns, just under the new CAR rules stating that a multi-stage rocket must follow strict guidelines when 160ns or more total impulse is installed. A thermalite/flashbulb igniter is being used to ignite the 2nd and 3rd stage because of low current requirements and better reliability than copperheads."

There is nothing like the complexity of a 3 stage rocket - you can probably count the number of high power 3 stage rockets that were launched without problems in the history of the hobby in two digits. But if this rocket ever does fly on full power, it will be impressive indeed.

3 Stage Rocket Science