Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Russian N1

The N1: The biggest rocket yet, also among the most complex, and with one of the worst rates of failure. Was a last ditch effort to carry russians to the moon.

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Anonymous said...

The N1 was quite a beast. Apollo had its failures too but nowhere near the 100% failure rate of the N1.

It'll be interesting when we go back to the moon, since we'll be using the lessons learned from the Saturn V to build the next vehicle to carry men to the moon.

R2K said...

It will be depressing when we go back to the moon. It will mean we basically were stagnant for over 30 years at a cost of $100 billion. We should have gone to mars directly in the 1970s, skipping the space shuttle and space station (or working on smaller scale projects to study these ideas before investing in them so much). Both projects, which replaced mars, were pathetic failures. The moon trip will, at best, work. Then what? Living on the moon to what end? Dont get me wrong, I love as much science as possible. But I know Nasa has limited funds, and I think they need to focus on mars and manned flights to mars right away.

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rickl said...

The N-1 had a 100% failure rate (0 for 4).

The Saturn V had a 100% success rate (13 for 13).

And then we just threw it away after Skylab. Disgusting.