Thursday, November 9, 2006

Performance Rocketry

A few years back, before I put some of my rockets in storage for a while and took some time off from rocketry, I stumbled upon this brand new web page. This vendor, Performance Rocketry, sells some of the finest rocketry products I have ever seen. At the time, it was a dream of mine to find fin canisters (one piece slide on fins rather than fins that come a single sheets of material) that were not simply the 38 and 54mm acme fincan units, or the expensive 75mm carbon fiber fin can that was around at the time. No here we have very small and very large fin cans, nose cones, and rocket kits at shockingly low prices. Almost too good to be true, but they are still around! Some day I will have to buy a 6 inch fin can and make a Warp-9 cluster kit.

Performance Rocketry


Oberon said...

......very cool.

Anonymous said...

With all this weaponry and can't still win the damn war in Iraq!