Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tiny Post (Just a taste)

"Jim McKinnon's 1000lbf thrust LOX / Jet A Static Test. Jim's injector is using 28 O-F-O Triplets with a O-O-F-O-O Pentad element in the center. The combustion chamber was a surplus Atlas Vernier. The large gauge is measuring chamber pressure."

This is from the Reaction Research Society web page.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Mach Buster

Mach Buster is a project to make the first prop. plane that can go supersonic in level flight. This may just be a way-out there plan that will never work. But I have always thought about this, and wonder why it has not been done in the past. I understand that the shape of the airfoil of props might not work at such high speeds, but what about simple turbine blades? Certainly a canted turbine blade can still work at supersonic or even hypersonic speeds. Anyway check it out, I love the idea. I love the 1,230 hp engine. These are good things. : )