Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rocket Models

Now I should start this post right off by saying that there are many girls and women in rocketry, and they often take a central part. They participate, they fly, and they support launches; any and all things that men do.
In any event, this post is not about women in rocketry, rather it is about rocket models. Women who stand with rockets as a model would sell any other product. Now most rocketry buffs are above the baser desires of the flesh, me included, but for you civilians to enjoy, some women and their rockets:

These are all RDS kits, great kits. And no this isnt a sexist thing, it is all in good fun.


Tramp said...

Thank you for not making a comment about phallic symbols.

mckay said...

these ladies are model rocket models. get it straight or the MRM union will be on your tail.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see these ladies use their rockets, if ya know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Please update the "RDS" Hyperlink. I clicked on it - looking for HPR KITS (I didn't think you could buy rockets this big in kit form), and got "Page not found". When I tried to back page away from it, I got was taken to a disgusting XXX page. I hope this was just a 'wardrobe malfunction', but I doubt it. Please fix it so other unsuspecting viewers are not exposed to this disturbingly vile garbage.