Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dryden Video Collection

The Dryden Flight Research Center has some great videos of aircraft testing. The best is the impact test shown above.
Dryden Videos


Nelita said...

Well I don1t know how you found my blog, but I would like to thank you! I have not write in English, that for me it's very hard, but for the songs my spirit can be understood.

Phantom Seraphim said...

Now, this is a freakin' sweet blog! I'm showing this to all my friends!

Tramp said...

When I was younger, we would build model rockets. I always left out the parachute and flameproof wadding and instead filled that compartment with black powder (gunpowder). The rocket would achieve it's altitude and go off in a termendous explosion.

Boys will be boys.

polyester.jones said...

pyromaniacs REJOICE!!!

Tramp said...

Termendous? Pretend that said tremendous.

As for impact videos, try this one. It's a jet hitting a concrete wall at 500 MPH.