Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Well welcome to my first post. I should start with an intro of my current array of rockets. Here is my collection. There have been many in the past which are gone awol or damaged beyond repair. As you might be able to see, many of these models are in the process of being repainted. So they may not be the best looking rockets out there, not yet anyway.

These two are my largest, most high end rockets. Both are custom, made by my design, and both are 54mm min. dia. models. They are based around 54mm spiral wound fiberglass tubing from Giant Leap Rocketry. Each has an acme 54mm fin can (canister), and uses acme launch lugs. Due to damage to the taller model on the left, it was rebuilt with fiberglass and metal rods to add strength. The larger one uses a snap ring motor retainer, again from giant leap (im like a drug addict with them), and the smaller uses electric tape or friction fits (which personally I prefer).

Both have flown: the taller one on the left has been launched two times, both on CES J motors, both attempted level two launches, both failed to certify me. (Ill go into more detail on that another time I think.) The smaller one on the right has gone up a few times, though I forget each motor type, but I motors. Each rocket can fly on as little as a strong H, such as the H-238, or as much as you can fit in there, including an L motor. On an L motor, each will be well over the speed of sound and well over two miles.

Here is the bulk of the fleet. These are my mid to low power rockets. From left to right, they are:

My model rocket kits, estes big daddy (under construction), my little estes gnome, and part of a custom 24mm model.

The first large rocket is one of my oldest. It is a classic, the LOC Graduator. Been up on over 10 flights, does great on many motors including G-80, G-25, and F-101. Also try 29mm Hs.

Next over, with the green nose cone, is my viper 4, also a LOC kit. This is a brand new 24mm 4 motor cluster kit. It has not yet been launched. First it is going to go on 4 estes Ds. Then I also have two 24mm cases for flights on two f39s or other such combos.

Next is my third LOC kit, and another classic, the EZ H-45. A great great model, similar to the graduator but for 38mm motors as well. This one has been up only once or twice.

The all orange dart is a PML Cirrus Dart. This 38mm dart is all about speed and altitude. It can go up on f or g motors, but put an I in there and you get supersonic and over 2 miles. I have not finished it yet, but it is almost ready!

Finally, my oldest rocket still working, is the super nova payloader from estes. A great kit, out of production right now. This one is fine on D or E black powder motors, but really is built for composite motors like the E15 or F12. It can go on faster motors, but frankly I think it works best with a slow one.

Well that's the collection, there have been far more rockets in the past which are all gone now. Each one represents a fair investment of money and time, and will certainly take more work to finish. After it is all said and done, there is almost a feeling of pride in the rockets when they perform well at what they were made to do.

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