Sunday, November 13, 2005

NCR Phantom 4000

NCR (Out of Production I think) Phantoms have a long history... By far my largest kit at the time, and still the only 4 inch rocket I have made, the phantom 4000 is made by estes. More than just an upscale of an estes kit, this is a real mid power craft. Able to take up to H motors without any problems, and probably even I motors with some modification (some fiberglassing, some foam, etc).

Anyway, this is a great kit, kraft tubes, wood fins, solid plastic nose cone. The elastic shock cord is a probably not a good idea for a 4 inch kit, so think about kevlar or nylon for this... And also, the most important flaw is that the motor mount came ready for a NCR motor at 28.5mm. In other words, NCR forced you to use their motors with these kits. But lucky for us, it is easy to use a 29mm mount to begin with. I didnt know about this at the time, so I had to later convert it to 24mm motors. This still allows for F101 and G55 flights. And D motor clustering (I also added 4 24mm tubes). Goes great on 5 D motors! Anyway, my last suggestion is to start with 29mm. I would have loved to see this thing go on H238s.

So here is what became of my kit, after several G55, F101, E, and D cluster flights. The final flight came at a time when the nose cone was a bit too tight, and two holes at the base started to leak internal pressure. The ejection charge didnt cut it, and the thing came in ballistic from 750 feet. It hit really hard, the nose cone was hard to pull out of the ground having buried over 5 inches.

Rip Phantom... Rip.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly political, but a nice link from C&L for those of us with a passing rocket interest. Don't know if you can catch it where you are, but there's a nice series on BBC with Robson Green, 'Rocket Man'. Think it might amuse you.

R2K said...

Thanks man, good lookin out!

I personally like this more than politics :)

Online Degree said...

This brings me back to my childhood when I would spend days and days building high-powered rockets only to loose them in a field hundreds of meters away :( It was still fun building them though. Thanks for the blog.

Senor Cheeseburger said...

wow... that sure is a long list of porn ya got there...

yes sir. lotta porn.