Wednesday, November 2, 2005

CSXT Space Flight

On may 17th of last year, the Civilian Space eXploration Team sent the first amateur rocket into space. After nearly 10 years of attempts, they finally made it. The rocket, an S motor, hit a maximum altitude of about 72 miles, and a top speed of 3,420 mph which is also a record.

Here you have the team before the flight. The rocket is a couple hundred lbs, but produces 16,000 lbs of thrust at liftoff. Something like a 20:1 thrust ratio.

Here is the flight proper, the flame must have been 50 feet long. Rocket BECO was at 13.4 sec. and 49,000 feet.

Here they all are back at brunos, which is just about the only place near black rock for 75 miles in any direction. Its a nice place to stay, but is often booked well in advance so call way way ahead if you want to get there. The rooms are small, but the slots are lucky. (I won 50 bucks there last time.) Brunos is the place to be for rocketry.

And here you have the end product. The nose cone was all that remained, as the rocket booster had a recovery failure and did a lawn dart (mesa dart maybe?). Flight data were uploaded, and the max. altitude of 72 miles was confirmed.


Anonymous said...


did also once (noobie Beginer)
with some Fire work's :P

came like well 30 meter or something

and ended in the Rear Window of a Car 700 meter away

lucky is whas a Scrap car afther some talking with the owner of ti :P

R2K said...

Lol... That sounds bad :)